Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin Powder
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Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin Powder

Product Name: Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin Powder
CAS NO.:6805-41-0
Molecular formula:C55H86O24
Molecular weight:1131.26
EINECS NO.: 229-880-6
Appearance:Brownish yellow to white crystalline powder

Horse chestnut extract description

Aescin is a chemical substance. It is the sodium salt of aescin extracted from the dried mature seeds of aescinate, a freeze-dried sterile preparation. It is a natural plant medicine.

Organic horse chestnut extract effect

Aescin is derived from horse chestnut and horse chestnut extracts, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, repair damaged skin, efficiently moisturize and contain rich flavonoids. It has natural strong anti-aging and anti wrinkle effects, can improve the blood circulation of some eye skin, and can also eliminate fatty groups, and has some effects on dark circles and eye bags.

Horse chestnut extract powder function and application

1. Aescin Powder has the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti exudation, increasing venous tension, improving blood circulation and correcting brain dysfunction.

2. In the external formula, Aescin Powder can promote blood circulation, promote wound healing, anti edema, anti inflammation and anti exudation, and protect blood vessels (remove dark circles, remove red blood filaments, anti wrinkle, repair).