Houttuynia Cordata Extract
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Houttuynia Cordata Extract

Product name: Houttuynia cordata extract
Used Part: Cauline leaf
CAS No.:73-03-0
Active Ingredient: Polyphenols, amino acids, fatty acids
Specification: 5:1、10:1
Extraction method: Ethanol extract
Appearance: Yellow brown

Houttuynia cordata extract product description

Houttuynia cordata extract is an extract made from dried Houttuynia cordata by solvent extraction. The extracted part is the whole grass, which is a fine brownish yellow powder, and the source is the dry aboveground part of the perennial herb Houttuynia cordata.

Houttuynia cordata powder function and application

1. Houttuynia cordata extract can helps to improve immunity.

2. Houttuynia cordata has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.

3. Houttuynia cordata extract contains volatile oil, quercetin, rutin and other components, which has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxification, carbuncle and pus. It can be used as skin conditioner in daily chemical products to maintain skin health.