How Much Do You Know about the Hyssop Oil?
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How Much Do You Know about the Hyssop Oil?

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The Hyssop oil is extracted from the plant of hyssopus officinalis, which belongs to the amaranth family and is also called Hyssoline grass. This rather expensive essential oil can effectively assist in the treatment of female disorders and monthly periodic edema. In terms of helping to treat the respiratory system, it can effectively remove mucus and relieve bronchospasm. It can also be used to treat bronchitis, asthma, flu, and colds, as well as to help heal wounds and dissipate bruises on the skin.

Hyssop Oil Property

The Hyssop oil has a mild sweet smell, and its color ranges from colorless to yellowish green.

Pure Hyssop Oil Source

This shrub is scattered in the Mediterranean region, with a height of about 60cm, and has a strong attraction for bees. Achyranthes bidentata was once the name used by Hippocrates (about 460~370 BC, ancient Greek physician and father of medicine), a famous Greek doctor. It evolved from the Hebrew word "ezob", meaning "sacred plant". It is often mentioned in the ancient book (Old Testament). At that time, people used it as a symbol of spiritual purification. However, the plant referred to in this statement may also be oregano.Hyssop oil buy -herb-key

Its stems are lignified and hairy. Its leaves are small, green, long hairy, and its flowers are violet. It is a famous plant in ancient times. Its stem section looks like a cow's knee. It is also mentioned in the Bible. It has purifying effect, can drive away plague and leprosy, and can cure chest diseases. It was also used to purify religious sites and was used as an ornamental plant to repel lice in the Middle Ages. In the 10th century, Benedictine monks introduced it into Europe as a raw material for making liqueurs.

Hyssop Oil Extraction Method

The Hyssop oil is extracted from leaves and flowers by steam distillation.

Hyssop Essential Oil Efficacy

1. The Hyssop oil can give people a sense of vigilance and help relieve anxiety and fatigue. Therefore, it can be used as a tonic in the rehabilitation stage.

2. It is also effective in treating respiratory diseases and colds caused by viruses, such as colds, cough, sore throat, influenza, bronchitis, asthma, mucositis and tonsillitis.

3. It is helpful to treat gastric colic, flatulence and indigestion, and regulate circulation.

4. During menstruation, edema is a frequent problem, and the essential oil of achyranthes bidentata has a balancing effect. In general, this essential oil is helpful to the normal menstruation, and can relieve the abnormal menstruation and leucorrhea.

5. It can also reduce blood pressure by reducing heart rate and expanding peripheral arteries.

Hyssop Decumbens Essential Oil Precautions

The essential oil of achyranthes bidentata has no irritation and sensitivity, but it should be used moderately. Pregnant women and patients with epilepsy should avoid using it.

Organic Hyssop Oil Usage

The Hyssop oil is a powerful oil, which can relieve respiratory diseases, regulate digestive system disorders, treat urinary system infections, and skin problems, including bruises, eczema, infections, and dermatitis.

1. Incense burner and evaporator

In steam therapy, the essential oil of achyranthes bidentata can be used to treat anxiety, nervous fatigue, colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and infections.

2. Make compound massage oil or dilute it for use in the bathtub

Achyranthes bidentata essential oil can be used as a compound massage oil or diluted in the bathtub to relieve anxiety, nervous fatigue, respiratory diseases, virus infection, menstrual problems, stomach cramps, flatulence, indigestion and promote skin rehabilitation.

3. Ingredients for making face cream or moisturizer

When used in face cream or moisturizer, achyranthes bidentata essential oil can help skin recover, treat scars, and also help dispel bruises.