Huike: 2017 CPHI Worldwide ended successfully
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Huike: 2017 CPHI Worldwide ended successfully

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The annual CPHI Worldwide exhibition is a big stage to display the company's image and brand. In order to get better results in this exhibition, we have made careful arrangements and adequate preparations. The lineup of elite soldiers, engineers from the R&D department and our company's elite export team all attended the exhibition.

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Huike attended CPHI Worldwide

The exhibition hall of our company is located in the most prominent part of the exhibition area (NO.10.1D68), which is at the intersection of passenger flow. Agents, distributors and major customers from all over the company came to our booth to negotiate, and the business negotiation atmosphere was very strong. And they also expressed that our company's image, booth layout and product display left a deep impression on them, and they expressed their willingness to further strengthen cooperation.

The booth attracted a large number of professional merchants and well-known companies at home and abroad to come to contact and consult. The new and old customers who came to our booth covered well-known enterprises in many fields such as food, health care products and pharmaceuticals. This exhibition firmly established our company as a plant extract, and the role of a professional manufacturer greatly enhances our reputation in the industry, and achieves the purpose of displaying and promoting our company image and brand.

There was an endless stream of merchants in front of our booth, and the high-quality products of Huike Botanical were favored by businessmen and visitors from all over the world.

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Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd. was established in October 2000. Over the years, we have been actively exploring the path of international development. And we have foreign import and export self-operated property rights, and our products have opened sales markets in Europe and the United States with certain sales experience.

With participating in this exhibition, we not only understands the industry's most cutting-edge information and product development direction, broadens sales channels, seeks prospective customers and strategic partners, but also improves our company's reputation, which plays a positive role in promoting regional economic exchanges and cooperation, building our company’s global vision and developing the European market.

Here we sincerely thank new and old customers at home and abroad for their support to us. Huike will do our best to repay our friends with fuller enthusiasm!