Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder
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Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder

Product name: Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder
Specification: 98%
Protein content:≧85%
CAS No.::69430-36-0
Molecular Formula: C2H2BrClO2
Molecular Weight: 173.39
Appearance: Yellow powder

Hydrolyzed keratin powder product description

Keratin is the basic building material for most visible parts of the body. The cuticle of the skin and hair fibers are mainly composed of keratin. Keratin naturally exists in a cross-linked helical structure. Keratin can be hydrolyzed like any other protein and then modified to achieve a variety of different functions.

Hydrolyzed keratin protein powder function  and application

1. Hydrolyzed keratin powder reduces rashness, falling off and damage.

2. Hydrolyzed keratin powder increases smoothness and elasticity by virtue of its water binding capacity.

2. Hydrolyzed keratin also acts on the skin. It can restore moisture and improve skin elasticity.

3. It can effectively prevent and cure skin diseases caused by fungal infection, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, hair loss and other diseases.