Hydrolyzed Sponge
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Hydrolyzed Sponge

Product name: Hydrolyzed Sponge
Synonym: Spongilla spicules Powder
Specification: ≥98%
CAS No.:14808607
Appearance: White powder

Hydrolyzed sponge extract product description

Hydrolytic sponges are also known as sponge spores, diatom spores, water needles, and biological microneedles. The sponge is one of the simplest multicellular organisms that grow in marine or freshwater environments. It is powdery to the naked eye and sharp rod-shaped crystal spores and blunt spores to the microscope. These needle-like crystals are a very good sorbent for impurities. Hydrolyzed sponges are commonly used in cosmetics because of their ability to improve skin problems quickly and effectively.

Needle sponge extract function  and application

1. Hydrolysis sponge can effectively improve problematic skin, such as: dull yellow skin tone and pigmentation; large pores and blackheads; aging wrinkles and red blood, etc.

2. Hydrolysis sponge rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles and dullness.

3. Hydrolyzed sponge can be good for acne control, and also helps to dissolve bruises, dead spots and oozing.