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Product name: Imperatorin
Synonyms: Ammidin, 8-Isoamylenoxypsoralen
CAS No.:482-44-0
Molecular Formula:C16H14O4
Molecular Weight::270.27996
Purity: 98% HPLC
Color: White powder
Specification: 80 Mesh
Grade: Pharm & Medical

Imperatorin product description

Imperatorin and ISO imperatorin belong to 6.7-coumarins, which are widely distributed in the plant kingdom. In particular, common Chinese medicines in the Umbelliferae family such as Angelica dahurica, Angelica pubescens, Peucedanum pekinensis, notopterygium, and Radix Adenophorae are rich.

Imperatorin function and application

1. It can eliminate free radicals, can be used as an antioxidant, and can promote the proliferation of fiber bud cells, indicating that it has anti-aging effect.

2. It can promote the decomposition of fat and has the effect of reducing weight.

3. It can inhibit the activity of melanocytes and has whitening effect.

4. It can inhibit a variety of bacteria and can be used for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.