Irish Sea Moss Powder Bulk
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Irish Sea Moss Powder Bulk

Product name:Irish Sea Moss Powder Bulk
Appearance:White gray Powder
Used part:Whole herb
Active Ingredient:sea moss powder
Specification:100% Water Soluble
Extraction method:Solvent extraction

Irish moss extract description

Irish moss is also known as carrageen. It is a kind of seaweed. Irish moss extract is essentially a kind of seaweed. It can be used as gel agent, emulsifier and thickener, and can be used as an additive, ointment and emulsifier of skin care cream. Irish moss belongs to algae and contains mucus and protein.

Irish sea moss powder function and application

1. Irish moss will dissolve into a colloidal substance when boiled. It can be used as an emulsifier.

2. It can be used in the production of medicines, soap, cosmetics, leather goods and cloth, etc.

Irish sea moss powder production method

Wash and dry the seaweed, put it into the extraction pot, add 30-50 times of water (or appropriate amount of lye), heat it with steam (about 100 ℃) for 40-60 minutes, filter it, add alcohol solvent into the filtered extraction solution while stirring, centrifuge it, dry the precipitate in the drum, and crush it to obtain the product. When the drum is used for drying, it is necessary to add monoglyceride, diglyceride or polysorbate as the drum release agent.