Irish Sea Moss Powder
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Irish Sea Moss Powder

Product Name:Irish Sea Moss Powder

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish sea moss grows in the frigid waters of Ireland and is often used as a vegan thickener in things like smoothies and desserts. Organic Irish sea moss goes by many names—pearl moss and carrageenan—but its reputation as an overall health booster and natural immune booster is well known.

Why Use Irish Sea Moss Powder?

In addition to being useful as a vegan thickener in recipes, and as an overall health booster and natural immune booster, Organic Irish Moss adds texture and nutrition when needed. Irish moss has traditionally been used for medicinal and nutritional purposes in Europe and other countries, as the plant is found worldwide.

Irish Moss Powder Benefits

1. It contains 92 basic minerals needed by the human body, including iodine, iron, zinc, etc.

2. It helps eliminate harmful bacteria in the gut.

3. It contains high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

4. It is good for skin health.