Juniper Berry Oil
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Juniper Berry Oil

Product Name:Juniper Berry Oil
CAS NO.:8012-91-7

Juniper berry essential oil introduction

Juniper berry oil is the essential oil obtained by extracting the fresh and mature fruit of juniper tree, and the color is light yellow or light green. Juniper was used quite early, and its traces can be seen everywhere in the early documents of Egypt and Europe. Among the prehistoric relics found in Switzerland, there are juniper berries; The ancient Egyptians used it as a disinfectant, the ancient Greeks used it to burn juniper to prevent epidemic infection, and the Romans also used it as an antibacterial agent at the same time, even when cooking. In Tibet, it also burns juniper trees to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The smallpox infectious disease occurred in Western Europe at the end of the 19th century. It can be seen in the records of France that hospitals burn juniper nuts for disinfection; Earlier European doctors believed that juniper bark was a good diuretic and a good medicine for treating the kidney and bladder of the urinary system.

Juniper berry essential oil main ingredient

Alpha pinene 80%, beta-pinene, myrcene, camphene, borneol, terpineol, etc.

Juniper berry essential oil source

Juniper seed essential oil is a natural plant essential oil extracted from the seeds of juniper. Juniperus rigida S. etZ. is an evergreen shrub or small tree, up to 10 meters high, with a cylindrical crown and a round head when old. Branches erect, twigs pendulous. Its leaves are spiny strip, hard, and sharp. The upper part is concave and the lower part forms a deep groove. There is a narrow white powder band in the groove, and there is an obvious longitudinal ridge on the back. Cones, light brown yellow or blue black when ripe, covered with white powder. Seeds nearly ovoid, apically pointed, with four inconspicuous ridges. There are more than 60 kinds of junipers, which are evergreen shrubs. The flowers are yellow and small. The cones will change from green to black or dark blue after maturity. This is the main part for extracting the essential oil. Although the essential oil can also be extracted from the trunk, branches and leaves, it has poor composition and low value. In aromatherapy, the best one is juniper seed essential oil, not juniper essential oil.

Juniper berry essential oil efficacy and function

1. Efficacy for skin: It is a good helper for oily skin with blocked pores, especially for the permeability of facial skin. It can deeply clean and purify skin, effectively treat acne, and fight against cellulite. It can astringe, sterilize and detoxify, and it is very suitable for the treatment of acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. A few drops of juniper seed essential oil can be dropped into the hot water of the feet to activate the blood channels and remove beriberi and foot odor.

2. Juniper berries have been used for treatment since ancient times. Whether taken orally or externally, juniper berries are beneficial to the kidney and urinary system, and also very helpful to the skin. It smells full of woody spice. The fresh smell can help calm tension and pressure. The use of juniper berry essential oil can expand the fragrance and purify the space and air.

Juniper berry essential oil application field

1. Juniper berry essential oil can be used as a medicine. It has obvious therapeutic effects on skin inflammation, acne and other adverse symptoms that often occur in human skin. When needed, the skin can be cleaned and dried, and an appropriate amount of juniper can be applied directly. Pine nut essential oil, applied once or twice a day can quickly relieve symptoms.

2. Juniper berry essential oil can also be used as cosmetics. It can be directly applied to the surface of human skin, it can expand pores and deeply clean the skin, and it can regulate oil secretion, making human skin smooth, delicate and elastic, which will make people's skin smooth, delicate and elastic. The skin quality has obviously improved, but when using juniper berry essential oil as a cosmetic, it is best to add it to creams or other cosmetics, mix thoroughly and use it, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of juniper berry essential oil by the skin.

Juniper berry essential oil instructions

1. Aromatherapy: Drop 3-4 drops of juniper berry essential oil in the aromatherapy lamp or aromatherapy furnace, which can relieve the pain of PMS, purify the air and stimulate the spirit.

2. Bathing: Pour 5 drops of juniper berry essential oil into the water about 80% full of the bathtub, stir to make the essential oil evenly diffuse in the water. It has the function of detoxification. When the body accumulates too much waste, it will feel heavy and tired. After taking a bath, it can help restore vitality and relieve menstrual pain.

3. Massage: Drop 5 drops of juniper berry essential oil into 10ml of base oil, massage the skin gently, improve edema, and temporarily relieve the pain symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

4. Cold compress/hot compress: 1 drop of juniper berry essential oil, drop it in a basin of cold/hot water, use a towel as a cold compress or hot compress, regulate oil secretion, improve acne and other problems.