L-Ascorbyl Palmitate
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L-Ascorbyl Palmitate

Product name: L-Ascorbyl Palmitate
CAS NO.: 137-66-6
Molecular formula: C22H38O7
Molecular weight: 414.54
Effective substance content: 99%
Appearance: white to slightly yellow powder
Storage condition: keep in cool and dry place
Shelf life: 24 months

L-Ascorbyl Palmitate description

L-Ascorbyl Palmitate (VC ester) has high-efficiency oxygen scavenging and nutrition strengthening functions, and has all the physiological activities of vitamin C. Meanwhile, L-Ascorbyl Palmitate overcomes the three shortcomings of vitamin C, which is afraid of heat, light and moisture, and is more stable than vitamin C. It can provide 212g of vitamin C per 500g.

L-ascorbyl Palmitate (L-AP) is a new multifunctional food additive. Because of its unique function, it has been widely used as a fat soluble antioxidant and nutritional enhancer in China. Compared with L-ascorbic acid, L-ascorbyl Palmitate has significantly improved antioxidant activity. Due to the implantation of palmitic acid group, it has both hydrophilic ascorbic acid group and lipophilic palmitic acid group, thus becoming an excellent surfactant 31.

L-Ascorbyl Palmitate function

L-Ascorbic acid fatty acid esters are among the strongest antioxidants. It can prevent the formation of oil peroxides, delay the oxidative deterioration of animal oils, vegetable oils, fish, margarine, milk and carotenoids, and the effect is better than BHA and BHT. If it is used in conjunction with other antioxidants such as vE, the antioxidant effect will be more significant.

L-Ascorbyl Palmitate preparation method

L-ascorbic palmitate can be obtained by esterification of palmitic acid and L-ascorbic acid.

L-Ascorbyl Palmitate application

1. L-ascorbyl Palmitate has antioxidant and nutritional strengthening functions. It is used as an antioxidant whitening agent of VE, and its antioxidant effect in oil is very obvious.

2. L-ascorbyl Palmitate is high temperature resistant, suitable for medicine, health products, cosmetics, etc., and is suitable for antioxidant of baking and frying oil. Its antioxidant effect on lard is better than that of vegetable oil.

3. L-ascorbyl Palmitate is commonly used in oily food, edible oil, animal and vegetable oil and high-grade cosmetics, as well as various infant food and milk powder.