L-Carnosine Powder
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L-Carnosine Powder

Product Name: L-Carnosine Powder
Purity: 99%
Appearance: White powder
CAS No.: 305-84-0
MF: C9H14N4O3

L carnosine product description

L Carnosine powder is a natural substance produced by human body. Carnosine, classified as dipeptide, is a compound composed of two linked amino acids (alanine and histidine). Carnosine is highly concentrated in muscle tissue and brain. The content of beef and fish is also high, while the content of chicken is low.

Super l carnosine function and application

1. L carnosine powder can treat autism, cataract, diabetes related complications, hypertension and kidney problems.

2. L carnosine powder can stimulate the immune system, improve mood and improve memory.

3. L carnosine powder is used in cosmetics to resist wrinkles and protect vision.