L-Cysteine Monohydrochloride
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L-Cysteine Monohydrochloride

Product name: L-Cysteine monohydrochloride
CAS NO.: 52-89-1
Molecular formula: C3H8ClNO2S
Molecular weight:175.64
Appearance: colorless to white crystalline or crystalline powder
Purity: 98%

L-Cysteine monohydrochloride product description

L-cystaine monohydrochloride has a slight special smell and sour taste. It can be dissolved in water, and the aqueous solution is acidic. The pH value of 1% solution is about 1.7, and the pH value of 0.1% solution is about 2.4. It is also soluble in alcohol, ammonia and acetic acid, but insoluble in ether, acetone, benzene, etc. It has the characteristics of reducibility, oxidation resistance and prevention of non enzymatic browning.

L-Cysteine monohydrochloride function and application

1. In cosmetics, l-cystaine monohydrochloride can be used for perm, sunscreen, hair perfume and hair conditioner in cosmetics.

2. L-cystaine monohydrochloride can be used as nutritional supplement, antioxidant and color protector. It is used in natural fruit juice to prevent vitamin C oxidation and color change.

3. L-cysteine monohydrochloride is used as a bread modifier. It can promote fermentation and prevent oxidation. In terms of food, it can change the flavor of bread and food as a quick bread accelerator.

4. L-cysteine monohydrochloride can treat leukopenia, leukopenia caused by the administration of anticancer drugs and radioactive drugs, and antidote of heavy metal poisoning.