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Product name: L-Cysteine
CAS NO.: 52-90-4
Molecular formula: C3H7NO2S
Molecular weight:121.16
Appearance: white powder
Storage condition: dry and ventilated place
Shelf life: 2 years

l cysteine product description

L-cysteine is a non essential amino acid. It is an isomer of cysteine, which can be converted from methionine. At present, it can be widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries.

n acetyl cysteine function and application

1. In cosmetics: L-cysteine is used to produce perm essence, sunscreen, perfume, hair conditioner, etc.

2. In medicine: L-cysteine is mainly used in liver drugs, antidotes, expectorants and other medical drugs.

3. In food: L-cysteine can be used as a bread fermentation promoter and preservative. Cysteine is used as a fermentation aid, antioxidant and stabilizer for milk powder and fruit juice, as well as a nutritional additive for pet food.