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Product name: L-Cysteine
CAS NO.: 52-90-4
Molecular formula: C3H7NO2S
Molecular weight:121.16
Appearance: white powder
Storage condition: dry and ventilated place
Shelf life: 2 years

L-Cysteine description

L-cysteine is a non essential amino acid. It is an isomer of cysteine, which can be converted from methionine. At present, it can be widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries.

L-Cysteine character

Cysteine is a white crystalline or crystalline powder, soluble in water, slightly odorous, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether and other organic solvents. Melting point 240 ℃, monoclinic system. Cysteine, one of the sulfur-containing amino acids, is a nonessential amino acid. In organisms, it is synthesized by replacing the sulfur atom of methionine with the hydroxyl oxygen atom of serine through cystathione, and glutathione can be generated from cysteine. Cysteine is stable to acid, but is easily oxidized to cystine in neutral and alkaline solution.

L-Cysteine physiological function

1. It has an affinity effect in organisms, so it has an effective detoxification effect on a wide range of poisons, such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, lead, cadmium, methylmercury chloride, lipid peroxide, PCB, puffer fish poison, alcohol, etc., which have been proved by experiments.

2. Effectively prevent and treat radiation injury.

3. It is an ideal natural whitening cosmetic to maintain the activity of the important luciferase in the production of keratin in the skin protein, and supplement the sulfur group to maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, and regulate the bottom melanin produced by the pigment cells at the lowest layer of the epidermis. It can remove the melanin from the skin itself, change the nature of the skin itself, and make the skin become naturally white.

4. Whenever inflammation and allergy reduce the activity of leucase, L-cysteine can maintain the activity of leucase and improve the skin symptoms of inflammation and allergy.

5. It has the function of dissolving cutin, so it is also effective for skin diseases with hypertrophic cutin.

6. It has the function of preventing organism aging.

7. It is mainly distributed in the liver, spleen and kidney, and also accumulates on the surface of human body, including skin, mucous membrane, digestive organ surface, etc. When foreign bodies, including those ingested through the mouth, inhaled from the atmosphere, and intruded in contact with the skin, it can strengthen the biological defense ability and adjust the biological defense mechanism.

L-Cysteine purpose

1. In cosmetics: it is used to produce hair perm essence, sunscreen, perfume, hair tonic, etc. This kind of advanced hair perm essence and cold perm essence, which replace thioacetic acid with cysteine, has the advantages of easy perm, easy hair retention, soft but not messy, and can also be used to prepare sunscreen and hair perfume;

2. In medicine: cysteine is mainly used in liver medicine, antidote, expectorant and other medical drugs. Cysteine and its derivatives can be used for detoxification of liver poisoning, antipyretic analgesia, ulcer treatment, fatigue recovery, infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations, especially for expectoration; Treatment of bronchitis and expectorant effect.

3. In terms of food: bread fermentation promoter and preservative. Cysteine is used as a fermentation assistant, antioxidant and stabilizer for milk powder and fruit juice, and nutritional additive for pet food;

4. L-cysteine can be used as raw material for the production of N-acetyl-L -, carboxymethyl cysteine and other cysteine derivatives.

5. Accelerate the formation of gluten and prevent aging; Used in natural fruit juice can prevent the oxidation and browning of VC; It has detoxification effect on acrylonitrile and aromatic acid poisoning. Prevention of radiation damage.