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Product name: L-Threonine
CAS NO.: 72-19-5
Molecular formula: C4H9NO3
Molecular weight: 119.1192
Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder
Storage condition: store in a cool and dry place away from light

L-Threonine product description

L-threonine is an organic substance. L-threonine was found in fibrin hydrolysate by W. C. RO in 1935 and proved to be the last essential amino acid found. Its chemical name is α— Amino - β— Hydroxybutyric acid has four stereoisomers, and only L-type has biological activity.

L-Threonine function and application

1. L-threonine is mainly used as a nutritional supplement. When heated with glucose, it is easy to produce burnt flavor and chocolate flavor, which can enhance flavor. It can also be used in biochemical research.

2. L-threonine is used for adjuvant treatment of peptic ulcer. It can also treat anemia, angina pectoris, arteritis, cardiac insufficiency and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. L-threonine is widely used to add piglet feed, breeding pig feed, broiler feed, shrimp feed and eel feed.