Bay Laurel Essential Oil
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Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Product Details: Laurel oil 100% pure natural
CAS No.: 68917-05-5
Density: 0.96 g/ml at 25°C (lit.)
Refractive index: n20/D 1.513 (lit.)
Country of origin: Fujian, China
Extraction method: Water steam distillation
Plant Part Used: Leaves
Harvesting season: August to October.

Bay oil description

Osmanthus fragrans essential oil is extracted from the flowers of Cinnamomum cassia by solvent method. Strictly speaking, it should be called Osmanthus fragrans essence, and its color is yellow brown. It is very beneficial to women's reproductive system and can help regulate women's physiological cycle problems. Osmanthus fragrans essential oil has many uses. It can play a good role in both skin and soul. Osmanthus fragrans essential oil is the main bioactive component of Osmanthus fragrans. It is of great significance to study the chemical composition and bioactivity of Osmanthus fragrans essential oil.

Bay oil main ingredient

Osmanthus fragrans essence contains more than 400 kinds of chemical components, the main indicators are α-ionone, B-ionone and other sesquiterpene ketones, agarwood alcohol oxide, and phenyl-titanium lactone components.

Bay oil function & application

1. Psychological effect: It has a good guiding effect on mood and is an excellent mood stimulant. Osmanthus fragrans oil has a certain alleviating effect on fatigue, headache, physical pain, etc.  

2. Physical efficacy: It can relieve headache and physical pain, strengthen stomach and regulate qi. It can be used for cold compress or boiling water plus a few drops of osmanthus oil to treat headache and migraine. A warm towel will eliminate your mental fatigue, and a osmanthus bath in the evening will help treat insomnia. The osmanthus fragrans blended with the base oil is massaged into osmanthus fragrans massage oil, which can be applied to the back of the ear and neck, or used as a physiological massage oil for the lower abdomen.

3. Skin efficacy: promote blood circulation, improve tissue, and keep skin active for skin massage. Osmanthus oil has the effect of fine skin and beauty. Osmanthus oil has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, which can accelerate skin blood circulation and improve complexion.

Bay oil application area

1. Skin care: Osmanthus fragrans essential oil contains ionone, which is suitable for the skin with dry outer oil and thick pores, and has good repair and nourishing effect on dry and aging skin, and can make the skin smooth and tender. The content of ionone in osmanthus fragrans is higher than that in violet leaves, so its ability to promote cell regeneration is excellent, and it is a rare skin care oil. Osmanthus fragrans essential oil can also promote blood circulation, improve cell tissue, stimulate skin vitality, accelerate skin blood circulation, and improve the pale complexion.

2. Body care: Osmanthus fragrans essential oil can relax bronchial activity, help relieve cough, expectorant and smooth asthma. It can stimulate circulation and promote the poor blood circulation caused by weather, living habits and environmental factors. Osmanthus fragrans essential oil also has very good reproductive and midwifery functions. The massage used by women in the lower abdomen can regulate hormones and promote the regulation of physiological cycle.

3. Mind care: Osmanthus fragrans essential oil is an excellent mood stimulant, which has a certain effect on fatigue, headache, physical pain, etc.