Lavender Oil Preparation and Application
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Lavender Oil Preparation and Application

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Lavender is a perennial evergreen or semi evergreen subshrub aromatic plant belonging to Lavender genus of Labiatae. It is mainly produced in France, Bulgaria, Australia, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Russia and South Africa. It is also cultivated in Xinjiang, China. Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation from the inflorescence of lavender (Labiatae).

Introduction to Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is colorless to yellowish liquid, with relative density of 0.880~0.900 and refractive index of 1.465~1.470. The main ingredients are linalyl acetate, lavender alcohol, linalool, terpineol, geraniol, nerol, camphor, borneol, terpinyl acetate, lavender acetate, nonaldehyde, pinene, myrcene, basilene, etc.

The sensory characteristics are sweet and fragrant.

Lavender Oil Preparation

The fresh inflorescences of Lavandula were distilled by steam, and the yield was 0.78-1.1%. It can also be made into an extract by extraction.Lavender Oil buy -herb-key

Lavender Oil Application

It is widely used in daily essence, added to cologne, toilet water and other cosmetics.

1. Beauty

A. It is made into astringent makeup water. As long as it is applied gently on the face, it can remove the youth beans, scars, various color spots and other problematic skin, and is suitable for any skin. It has a good effect on suntanned skin.

B. Lavender essential oil is one of the most widely used oils extracted from aromatic plant essential oil by water distillation, which is a household essential. It is mild in nature, aromatic in smell, refreshing, meticulous, pain relieving, sleep aiding, pressure relieving, cell regeneration promoting, skin secretion balancing, physical therapy for scalds and mosquito bites; Prevent and improve hair quality; With the diffusion of fragrance, the cations in the air increase, further regulating the human nervous system, promoting blood circulation, enhancing immunity and body vitality.

C. The use of essential oil mainly includes fumigation, massage, bath, foot bath, facial sauna, etc. It can relax your body and mind, eliminate fatigue, moisturize your skin, improve orange peel lines, shrink pores, etc. See the product manual for detailed usage.

2. Medical efficacy

Medical science shows that the active aromatic smell is light but not thin, scattered but not moving, slowly released and stayed in space, absorbed by the human body, and then transmitted to the whole body through respiration. The volatile aroma can strongly stimulate the respiratory center, thus promoting the human body to absorb oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, so as to be energetic, relaxed and happy, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity and functional vitality. Relax gastrointestinal spasm, cool and refreshing, eliminate flatulence, help digestion, prevent nausea and dizziness, ease anxiety and nerve migraine, prevent cold and many other benefits.

3. Diet

A. It can be used as tea, lavender with the name of "Queen" in herb, and 10-20 dry flower heads can be brewed in boiling water for about 5 minutes. It has many benefits such as calming, refreshing and preventing colds. Drinking it when you are hoarse and lose your voice can also help you recover, so it is known as "the best partner of office workers". Honey and sugar or lemon can be added.

B. Lavender can be used as food. Lavender can be used in our favorite foods, such as jam, vanilla vinegar, soft ice cream, stew cooking, cake cookies, etc. This will make the food more delicious and attractive.

C. It can be used in daily necessities. Lavender is also an indispensable partner in our daily necessities, such as hand sanitizer, hair care lotion, skin care oil, aromatic soap, massage oil, incense, incense pillow, etc., which not only brings fragrance to our air, but also brings pleasure and confidence.

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