Learn the Efficacy and Use of Vanilla Flavour
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Learn the Efficacy and Use of Vanilla Flavour

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Vanilla flavour is a kind of edible essence extracted from vanilla, which is one of many essence. There are two kinds of pure natural essence and artificial essence. Although the two essence have the same taste, their prices are quite different.

Natural Vanilla Flavor Nutritive Value

Natural vanilla essence is made by extracting natural vanilla pods. It retains the medicinal value of natural vanilla. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can strengthen the spleen and kidney, which is good for the body.

Organic Vanilla Flavoring Fabrication Method

Split the vanilla pods and take out the vanilla seeds, and then soak them together with the branches of the vanilla pods cut into small sections in a wine of more than 40 degrees (usually white rum/vodka) for about 3 months.vanilla flavour price -herb-key

Vanilla Essence Efficacy and Function

1. Remove the fishy smell and increase the fragrance

Eliminating fishy smell and increasing fragrance is one of the important effects of vanilla essence. Most vanilla essence contains natural aromatic substances with strong vanilla flavor. This flavor can remove the egg smell in some desserts, and make the prepared cakes or cakes have a light vanilla flavor, which will make their taste more attractive.

2. Appetizing digestion

The food refined from vanilla has a strong vanilla flavor. It can replenish some volatile oil and aromatic substances for the human body. After people smell its aroma, they can promote the secretion of saliva and digestive juice, which can play an important role in appetizing and digestion. Usually, it is most suitable for people with poor appetite and indigestion.

3. Supplementary nutrition

The natural vanilla essence contains a variety of essential nutrients for the human body, especially the content of amino acids is relatively high. After people use these natural vanilla essence, they can absorb rich nutrients, meet the needs of the body for various amino acids during normal metabolism, and have great benefits for enhancing human quality and maintaining normal metabolism. This effect of vanilla essence is only applicable to natural bananas extracted from plant vanilla. Those artificially synthesized concentrated vanilla essence have low nutritional value, and people will not absorb rich nutrients after eating.

4. Seasoning

Flavoring is one of the important functions of vanilla essence. It is an essential raw material for many food processing and an important flavoring agent. However, when using vanilla essence for flavoring, it should also be noted that there will be many different varieties of vanilla sold on the market. Those natural vanilla essence can be directly used for food processing, and the amount of concentrated essence must be reduced.

Vanilla Flavour Powder Purpose

It is often used to remove egg smell from pastries or to make vanilla flavored snacks. Because it is concentrated essence, the dosage should not be too much, so as not to cover the original flavor of the cake with too strong vanilla flavor.

In addition to concentrated essence, there are powdered vanilla powder and tablet vanilla tablets. The vanilla tablets need to be crushed into powder before use, and the dosage is equivalent to that of vanilla powder. However, the amount of vanilla powder should be slightly more than vanilla essence.