Leucine Amino Acid
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Leucine Amino Acid

Product name: Leucine Amino Acid
CAS No.:61-90-5
MF: C6H13NO2
Active Ingredient: Protein
Specification: 99%
Extraction method:Synthesis
Appearance:White Crystalline Powder

Vegan protein leucine product description

Leucine, isoleucine and valine are branched chain amino acids that help promote muscle recovery after training. Leucine is one of the most effective branched chain amino acids, which can effectively prevent muscle loss, because it can be decomposed into glucose faster.

Protein powder high in leucine function and application

1. Leucine can be used as nutrition supplement and flavor enhancer. It can be used to prepare amino acid infusion, comprehensive amino acid preparation, hypoglycemic agent and plant growth promoter.

2. The role of leucine includes working with isoleucine and valine to repair muscles and provide energy to body tissues. It also increases the production of growth hormone and helps burn visceral fat.

3. Leucine helps regulate blood glucose levels.