Licorice Extract Glabridin Powder
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Licorice Extract Glabridin Powder

Product name: Licorice extract glabridin powder
Appearance: Yellowish Brown Powder, High Purity White Fine Powder
Used part: Glycyrrhiza glabra, Licorice root
CAS No.:59870-68-7
Purity: 40%, 90% by HPLC
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃

Liquorice root extract product description

Glabridin is a compound found in the root extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is a type of isoflavone. It is part of a larger family of molecules of plant origin (natural phenols). It is used as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Liquorice extract function  and application

1. Antioxidation. Glabridin Powder has a strong free radical scavenging effect. Vitamin C, vitamin E and β- Carotene is recognized as the king of three antioxidants and anti-aging. Glabridin Powder is a natural antioxidant with the same anti-aging ability as vitamin E. It has been reported that licorice can be used to reduce the corticosteroids of infectious skin diseases and strengthen the role of steroids.

2. Glabridin Powder has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti melanin effects, so it is used as an ingredient in various cosmetics and medical care products (such as face cream, lotion, shower gel, etc.).