Pure Licorice Root Extract
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Pure Licorice Root Extract

CAS NO.: 97676-23-8
Appearance:Yellow to brownish yellow powder

Pure Licorice Root Extract description

Licorice extract is brown or tan powder, basically tasteless, with a special smell of licorice. It is light resistant, oxygen resistant and heat-resistant, and it has a multiplying effect when combined with vitamin E and vitamin C. It can prevent the fading of carotenoids and inhibit the oxidation of tyrosine and polyphenols. It is insoluble in water and glycerol, soluble in ethanol, acetone and chloroform, and its stability decreases when it is alkaline.

Pure Licorice Root Extract function and application

Licorice extract can be used as a cosmetic additive.

It can also be used as food additive, seasoning, sweetener, tobacco and cigar. It is also used as the base material for preparing essence such as chocolate, beer, vanilla and sweet wine.