Lime Flower Essential Oil
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Lime Flower Essential Oil

Product name: Lime oil
Other name: orange oil
Color: yellow to orange
Taste: sweet, spicy
Cas No.: 68916-04-1
Extraction method:Cold pressing method
Active ingredients: flavonoids, alkaloids, volatile compounds

Lime Flower Essential Oil description

The astringent, toning and refreshing function of lime can purify oily skin, it can also stop wound bleeding and general trauma.

For colds, sore throats and flu fevers, lime essential oil can be used to lower the body temperature. It relieves coughs, chest congestion, inflammation of mucous membranes and sinusitis. It is a tonic for the immune system, reducing the likelihood of bacterial infection, shortening weakness after illness, and restoring energy quickly.

Like most citrus oils, lime stimulates the digestive system. It can help people with anorexia because it stimulates the production of digestive juices and opens up their appetite.

Lime Flower Essential Oil function and application

1. Anti-scurvy, antibacterial, antiviral, appetizing, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, antipyretic, hemostatic, insecticidal, rehabilitative, and nourishing.

2. Relieve anxiety and depression

3. Reduces body temperature.

4. Purifies oily skin, stops wound bleeding and general trauma.