Linden Blossom Oil
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Linden Blossom Oil

Product Name:Linden Blossom Oil

Linden blossom essential oil introduction

The linden flower is native to South Africa. It likes a warm, slightly dry and sunny environment. It is not cold-resistant, should be cool, and avoid standing water. It requires fertile, loose and well-drained acidic sandy loam. The soil of the seedlings needs to be well drained. During the growth period, it needs a cool and dry environment in summer, appropriate shade from the hot sun, and a suitable growth temperature of 27°C. In winter, it needs to be warm, full of sunshine and slightly higher air humidity. The temperature in winter shall not be lower than 7 ℃, and individual varieties can withstand about 0 ℃.

Linden essential oil

Linden essential oil is an essential oil extracted from the linden flower. Its soothing, softening and firming properties make it less prone to wrinkles. Another well-appreciated effect of linden is on blemishes, freckles and burns on the skin. Plus, it also conditions the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Linden flower essential oil effect

1. Effectively promote collagen synthesis up to 600%, help rebuild fibrous tissue and increase dermal firmness, making skin firmer and facial contour clearer;

2. Provide rich nutrition and oxygen for the cells, accelerate the microcirculation and cell regeneration at the bottom of the skin, and help enhance the skin's luster;

3. 100% inhibition of collagen enzymes to prevent the destruction of collagen fibers;

4. Strong anti-free radical effect, prevent premature aging of cells caused by oxidation;

5. Using microcapsule slow-release system technology, the organic Helichrysum essential oil is continuously released, so that the skin can continuously absorb the skin-beautifying essence.