Linden Blossom Oil
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Linden Blossom Oil

Product Name:Linden Blossom Oil

Linden blossom essential oil introduction

The linden flower is native to South Africa. It likes a warm, slightly dry and sunny environment. It is not cold-resistant, should be cool, and avoid standing water. It requires fertile, loose and well-drained acidic sandy loam. The soil of the seedlings needs to be well drained. During the growth period, it needs a cool and dry environment in summer, appropriate shade from the hot sun, and a suitable growth temperature of 27°C. In winter, it needs to be warm, full of sunshine and slightly higher air humidity. The temperature in winter shall not be lower than 7 ℃, and individual varieties can withstand about 0 ℃.

Linden essential oil

Linden essential oil is an essential oil extracted from the linden flower. Its soothing, softening and firming properties make it less prone to wrinkles. Another well-appreciated effect of linden is on blemishes, freckles and burns on the skin. Plus, it also conditions the scalp and stimulates hair growth.