Lychee FIavour
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Lychee FIavour

Product Name: Lychee fIavour
Properties: Food Additives
Fragrance: Fruity essence
Main components: alcohols, aldehydes, ketones
Application: Production of food and beverages

Lychee fiavour description

Litchi essence is a kind of food additive with litchi flavor. The taste of lychee is sweet. It can be eaten raw or processed into cans, preserves and juice. More than a decade ago, China did not produce this kind of essence. At the end of the 1980s, candies made with imported litchi essence were very popular. It can be seen that the aroma of lychee is very popular. Lychee is the harmonious fragrance of fruit sweetness and flower sweetness. The fruit is as sweet as pineapple and strawberry, and the flower is as sweet as rose. The main components of litchi essence are alcohols, aldehydes and ketones.

Lychee fIavour raw materials introduction

Litchi is an evergreen tree belonging to the family Litchi, which is about 10 meters high. The pericarp has scaly spots, bright red and purplish red. Mature to bright red; The seeds are all wrapped in fleshy aril. Flowering in spring, fruiting in summer. The flesh is translucent and creamy when it is fresh and tastes delicious, but it is not resistant to storage.

It is distributed in the southwest, south and southeast of China, and is most cultivated in southern Guangdong and Fujian. It is also cultivated in Southeast Asia, and there are records of introductions in Africa, America and Oceania. Together with bananas, pineapple and longan, litchi is known as the "four major fruits in the southern country"; Hejiang, Sichuan is one of the main producing areas of late-maturing litchi in the country.

Litchi is sweet, sour and warm in nature. It enters the heart, spleen and liver channels; The pulp has the effects of tonifying the spleen and liver, regulating qi and blood, warming the heart and relieving pain, and calming the nerves. Litchi seed has the effects of regulating qi, dispersing knots and relieving pain; It can stop hiccup and diarrhea. It is a good food treatment for intractable hiccup and purgative diarrhea. It also has the functions of invigorating the brain, invigorating the stomach and benefiting the spleen, promoting appetite, and eating more is easy to catch fire. Lychee wood is solid, elegant in texture, and resistant to corrosion. It has always been a top quality wood.