Macleaya Cordata Extract
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Macleaya Cordata Extract

Product name: Macleaya Cordata Extract
Extraction part: whole grass with roots
Appearance: light brown powder
Specification: 60% of total alkaloids of Borneo
Test method: TLC
Storage condition: store in a dry and cool place, away from light
Shelf life: 24 months

Macleaya cordata extract description

Macleaya cordata, also known as trumpet grass, trumpet pole, etc., is a perennial tall herb belonging to the genus Macleaya of the Papaver family. The use of Macleaya cordata to treat scabies, herpes zoster and kill insects and maggots has a long history in China. It is now uniformly named bolaohui, which is widely used as raw materials for medicine, biological pesticides, veterinary drugs and fine chemical products.

Macleaya cordata is mainly composed of alkaloids, from which sanguinarine, chelerythrine and protopine are separated, α- Allocryptopinine and β- Allocryptopinine. The effective chemical components in Macleaya chinensis are mainly sanguinarine and chelerythrine, with the highest content in the fruit.

Macleaya cordata extract function and application

1. Macleaya cordata extract has the functions of detoxification, detumescence and insecticidal. Recent pharmacological studies have shown that it is effective in treating a variety of inflammation.

2. Macleaya cordata extract can improve liver function and enhance human immunity.

3. Macleaya cordata extract can be widely used in veterinary medicine, feed additives, drugs, cosmetics and other industries.