Magnesium Chloride (medicinal Excipients)
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Magnesium Chloride (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Magnesium chloride (medicinal excipients)
CAS No.: 7786-30-3
Appearance: white powder
Specification: 1kg
Molecular Formula: MgCl2
Molecular Weight: 95.21
Storage: Sealed storage

Magnesium chloride powder product description

Medicinal excipient magnesium chloride is bitter in taste and has strong moisture absorption. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol, and the aqueous solution is neutral.

Pure magnesium chloride powder function and application

1. Magnesium chloride is used for making magnesium metal, disinfectant, fire extinguisher, frozen brine, ceramics, and used for filling fabric, paper making, etc.

2. Magnesium chloride is used in medicinal excipients, local painkillers, buffers, etc.