Malic Acid Powder
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Malic Acid Powder

Product Name: Malic acid
CAS NO.: 6915-15-7
Molecular formula:C4H6O5
Molecular weight: 134.09
EINECS NO.: 230-022-8
Appearance: White crystalline or crystalline powder
Storage condition: 2-8°C

Natural malic acid introduction

Malic acid, also known as hydroxysuccinic acid, it has an asymmetric carbon atom, so there are three kinds of malic acid: L-malic acid, D-malic acid and DL malic acid. L-malic acid is the product of the human body's tricarboxylic acid cycle, so the human body can only metabolize L-malic acid. L-malic acid is naturally found in apples, grapes, lemons and other fruits. If it is extracted from fruit, the content is low and the cost is high, so it cannot be industrialized and mass produced. DL malic acid can only be produced by catalytic synthesis of fumaric acid in the chemical book. Because the human body cannot metabolize DL malic acid, although the European and American countries allow DL malic acid as a food additive, people always feel unsafe. All malic acid produced by microbial method is L-malic acid. Therefore, all malic acid used now is produced by microorganisms. DL malic acid is basically replaced by L-malic acid in food, medicine and other aspects.

Organic malic acid physical and chemical properties

White crystalline or crystalline powder. Malic acid molecule contains a chiral carbon atom, and there are two enantiomers, namely, L-malic acid and D-malic acid. The naturally occurring L-malic acid is widely found in immature fruits such as apples, grapes, cherries, pineapples and tomatoes; D-malic acid can be prepared by the resolution of racemate, and it is only used as an experimental chemical.

Malic acid powder function and application

When it is used as flavor enhancer, flavor agent, auxiliary medicine and pH control agent, the United States stipulates that hard sugar should not exceed 6.9%, and other foods should account for 6.7%. However, both malic acids should not be used in baby food.