Malic Acid Powder
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Malic Acid Powder

Product Name: Malic acid
CAS NO.: 6915-15-7
Molecular formula:C4H6O5
Molecular weight: 134.09
EINECS NO.: 230-022-8
Appearance: White crystalline or crystalline powder
Storage condition: 2-8°C

Malic Acid Powder description

Malic acid, also known as 2-hydroxysuccinic acid, it has two stereoisomers due to an asymmetric carbon atom in the molecule. In nature, it exists in three forms, i.e. D-malic acid, L-malic acid and its mixture DL malic acid. It is a white crystal or crystalline powder with strong hygroscopicity, it is easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, and it has a special pleasant sour taste. Malic acid is mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Malic acid powder function and application

1. It is used as an acid flavor agent for cool drinks and foods, a tone retention agent for fruit drinks, and a preservative (emulsifying stabilizer for mayonnaise).

2. It is used as a raw material for medicine, cosmetics, tooth washing liquid, metal cleaning agent, buffer, retarder for textile industry, industrial deodorant, fluorescent whitening agent for polyester fiber and monomer for manufacturing alkyd resin.