Marigold Essential Oil
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Marigold Essential Oil

Product details: Marigold oil, 100% pure, natural
Aroma: Warm, sweet, fresh
Country of origin: Guangxi,China
Method of extraction: Infused
Part of the plant used: Flowers
Crop season: All Year
Constituents: Triterpene saponins (oleanolic acid glycosides), triterpene alcohols (α-, β-amyrins, faradiol), and flavonoids (quercetin and isorhamnetin).

Marigold Essential Oil description

Marigold essential oil is extracted from marigold. It has sweet fruit fragrance, almost citrus flavor. Marigold is called khakibush in Africa. It is often hung under indigenous huts to drive away swarms of flies. Marigold should be an effective insecticide. At the same time, it can also improve skin problems and some body effects.

Marigold essential oil function and application

1. Marigold essential oil can clarify thoughts, relieve tension, and make people more able to control their emotions.

2. Marigold oil can relieve pain, sprain and fatigue. Its calming effect also helps to reduce hypertension.

3. Marigold is a very useful oil for skin. It can deal with bacterial or viral infections, especially suppuration. Its healing effect on wounds and cuts probably comes from its anti-inflammatory ability, and it can also remove the symptoms of fungal infection.