Medicinal Adsorption Alumina
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Medicinal Adsorption Alumina

Product name: Medicinal adsorption alumina
CAS NO.:1344-28-1
Molecular Formula: Al2O3
Molecular Weight: 101.9
Appearance: white, fine sandy

Medicinal adsorption alumina product description

Medicinal adsorption alumina is produced through a special process with a special structure of alumina, tasteless, odorless, with high purity, good adsorption performance, fast solution permeation rate, good decolorization effect, easy regeneration, long service life, etc. Medicinal adsorption alumina has a strong water absorption in the air.

Medicine filler alumina function and application

Anti-static, fireproof, waterproof, acid resistant. Medicinal adsorption alumina is widely used in petrochemical industry in gas phase, liquid phase drying, textile industry, air separation oxygen production industry.