Medicinal Blank Pill
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Medicinal Blank Pill

Product Name: Medicinal blank pill
Storage condition:Sealed and stored in a dry place.

Medicinal blank pill product description

This product is a white nearly spherical particle.

1. Easy disintegration: it will not slow down the release of drugs.

2. Controllable sugar content: the sugar content can be adjusted according to different needs of drugs.

3. High surface finish of pill core: the content of drug is uniform, which helps to improve the bioavailability of drug.

4. The density difference of each batch is small: reduce the difference between batches of drugs, and the reproducibility of drugs is very high.

Medicinal blank pill extract function and application

It is mainly used as enteric coated pellets, slow-release pellets, high content Chinese medicine granules, capsule filling granules, etc.