Medicinal Iodine
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Medicinal Iodine

Product name: Medicinal iodine
CAS No.: 7553-56-2
Appearance: purple-black crystal
Molecular Weight: 126.9
Density: 1.32g/mL(25℃)
Storage: low temperature and dry

Iodine medical use product description

Monomeric iodine is purple-black crystal, easy to sublimate, easy to condense after sublimation, toxic and corrosive. Iodine turns blue-purple when it meets starch. It is mainly used in the production of drugs, dyes, test paper and iodine compounds. Iodine is extremely important for the life of plants and animals. Medicinal iodine also plays a vital role in people's daily life.

Iodum tablet function and application

1. Iodine can be used in the manufacture of iodide, also used in the preparation of pesticides, feed additives, dyes, iodine, test paper, drugs, etc.

2. Iodine is mainly used as disinfectant in medicine.

3. It is used as high purity reagent for materials in electronic industry.