Medicinal Pellets (starch Type) (medicinal Excipients)
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Medicinal Pellets (starch Type) (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Medicinal pellets (starch type) (medicinal excipients)
Synonyms: pellet core /blank pellet core /sucrose pellet core
Specification: 0.3mm ~ 1.0mm
Appearance: spherical particles
Color: white or off white
Storage conditions: sealed and stored in a dry place
Shelf life: 24 months

Medicinal pellets product description

Medicinal pellets, which are near-spherical particles prepared from inert excipients or main drug and excipients. Inert pill cores are usually used as a matrix and carrier in production. Drug-containing pill cores have different uses depending on the variety, such as further coating with functional coatings to obtain slow-release or delayed-release micro-pills with different drug-release properties. In terms of properties, the cores are generally required to have good roundness, low fragility, smooth surface, good flatness, and good flowability to meet the requirements of further drug application and coating processes, or filling processes. There are various methods to prepare pill cores, and the main preparation processes are extrusion-rolling, centrifugal coating, powder direct pressing, etc. The excipients used for inert and drug-containing pill cores are usually microcrystalline cellulose, sucrose, starch, dextrin, etc. The more expensive and poorly granulated glucose and glucose monohydrate are basically not used as excipients.

Medicinal pellets starch type medicinal excipients function and application

1. Medicinal pellets have the property of low fragility, so it can reduce waste and coating cost in the process of drug application.

2. Medicinal pellets are sugar-free and can be used for diabetic drugs, etc.

3. Medicinal pellets do not dissolve in water and do not generate osmotic pressure, which does not affect the release rate of drugs in the coating layer can also be used in Chinese medicine preparations, which can absorb the flowing infusion of Chinese medicine.

4.The physical and chemical stability of Medicinal pellets is good, so it doesn’t affect the content of drugs and does not produce compatibility reactions with drugs.

5. Medicinal pellets have wide applicability, so they are suitable for all micro-pill formulations and core materials of slow release micro-pill formulations.