Organic Cajeput Essential Oil
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Organic Cajeput Essential Oil

Product details:Cajeput Oil,100% pure, natural
CAS No.: 8008-98-8
Density: 0.92 g/ml at 25 °C(lit.)
Aroma: Melaleuca alternifolia
Botanical name:Melaleuca leucadendra
Country of origin: Guangxi, China
Method of extraction: Steam distillation
Part of the plant used: leaves and twigs
Crop season:All Year
Main components: 1,8-Eudesmol, a-Pinene, p-Cymene, Pineol, Gamma-Pinene, Linalool a-Pinene.
Hazard Class : 3.2
Packing Group : III

organic cajeput essential oil description

Melaleuca alternifolia oil is made from the fresh leaves and shoots of Melaleuca alternifolia and Melaleuca alternifolia five-layer by hydro-distillation.

organic cajeput essential oil function and application

1. Cajeput oil is not only antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch, prevent rot and mold, but also can be used as raw material for detergent, beauty, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

2. Melaleuca alternifolia oil is also promoted in various natural health channels to help treat the following ailments: muscle and joint pain, toothache, sinusitis, common cold, cough and other respiratory ailments, anxiety and stress.