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Product Name: Melatonin
CAS NO.:73-31-4
Molecular formula: C13H16N2O2
Molecular weight:232.28
Appearance:White or off white crystalline powder

Melatonin Introduction

Melatonin is an indispensable natural hormone in the human body, which controls and affects the secretion of other different hormones. When melatonin in the body decreases, various functions of the human body will be affected, and various diseases will follow. Research shows that the secretion of melatonin in the human body starts to decrease after middle age, and the amount of melatonin in the elderly is already slightly out of line. Early ingestion and supplementation of adequate melatonin can improve the function of endocrine system, enhance immunity, enhance the function of anti tension and anti-oxidation, improve sleep, slow down the aging rate of human body, and slow down the degradation rate of sexual organs; Melatonin can also help prevent and cure cancer, especially for habitual insomnia.

Melatonin Purpose

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. Melatonin is a highly conservative, non receptor free radical scavenger and broad-spectrum antioxidant. Melatonin can help prevent ischemia-reperfusion injury of liver, brain, myocardium, intestine and kidney.

Melatonin can be widely used in health food, medicine, various cosmetics, nourishing care products.


1. Melatonin and freckle removal, natural whitening: Melatonin can whiten the skin. It can regulate human endocrine, remove pigmentation caused by dark spots, age spots, chloasma, pregnancy spots and sun radiation, whiten and moisturize skin, and restore youth.

2. Effectively improve sleep: appropriate supplement of melatonin can effectively improve sleep quality.

3. Prolonging life: Melatonin is the most important and efficient endogenous antioxidant in the brain, which has a protective effect on the brain. Therefore, melatonin is an important anti-aging hormone.

4. Maintain and enhance sexual function: supplement of melatonin can improve sexual function of middle-aged and elderly people who are old, weak, and have decreased energy, resulting in decreased sexual desire.

Melatonin Production Method

Melatonin is present in the pineal gland of the mammalian brain. The common method is to freeze dry the pineal gland of the cow's brain, grind it into powder, remove fat with petroleum ether, mix it with deionized water to form a slurry, undergo centrifugal separation, take the supernatant, extract it with equal volume of ethyl acetate, and vacuum dry the extract to obtain a crude white melatonin product, which is then recrystallized to obtain a high-quality product.