Menthol Carboxamide(WS-3)
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Menthol Carboxamide(WS-3)

Product Name: Menthol carboxamide(WS-3)
CAS NO.: 39711-79-0
Molecular formula: C13H25NO
Molecular weight: 211.34
EINECS NO.: 254-599-0
Appearance: white crystal or powder

Menthol carboxamide(ws-3) product description

1. The long-acting cold taste agent has a strong cold taste and the effect of slow-release and prolonging the cold taste. The cooling effect is significantly lasting, lasting for 10-20 minutes, and the cooling effect is 1.5 times that of menthol.

2. Low dosage: 1kg of a product only needs 100mg of ws-3 product to achieve cooling effect.

3. Pure and strong impact of fresh and long-lasting cool flavor, slight mint flavor, and any cool flavor can be well matched.

Menthol carboxamide(ws-3) function and application

It can be used in food, beverage, candy, cosmetics, tobacco products, medicine, etc.