Natural Menthol Crystals
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Natural Menthol Crystals

Product Name: Menthol crystals BP/USP(GMP )
CAS NO.: 89-78-1
Molecular formula: C10H20O
Molecular weight: 156.27
EINECS NO.: 201-939-0
Appearance:Colorless needle or prismatic crystal or white crystalline powder
Storage condition:This product should be sealed and stored in a cool place.

Natural Menthol Crystals description

Menthol is a chemical agent. It is a white crystal extracted from the leaves and stems of peppermint. It is also the main component of peppermint and peppermint essential oil.

Natural Menthol Crystals function and application

It is mainly used in medicine, toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash, and its cool taste is used to enhance the smell of peppermint oil, and it has the effect of refreshing and disinfecting.

It is used as the fragrance of Cologne essence. It is also suitable for low-grade soap and detergent essence, such as rose, fragrant leaves and lavender, to enhance and regulate the aroma. It can also be used for food essence, alcohol or tobacco essence.