Methyl Cedryl Ketone Coeur
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Methyl Cedryl Ketone Coeur

Product Name: Methyl cedryl ketone coeur
CAS NO.: 32388-55-9
Molecular formula: C17H26O
Molecular weight: 246.39
Purity: 99%
EINECS NO.: 251-020-3
Appearance: Pale yellow to brownish yellow liquid.
Storage condition: under inert gas (nitrogen or Argon) at 2-8°C

Methyl cedryl ketone coeur product description

Light yellow to brownish yellow liquid. Boiling point is 140-160 ℃ / 666.7pa, relative density is 0.996-1.010, refractive index is 1.517-1.521, flash point is 171 ℃, dissolved in 3-7% ethanol by volume. It has mild woody aroma, with some ambergris and musk like aroma.

Methyl cedryl ketone coeur function and application

It can be combined with spices in very modern perfume. It harmonizes with other woody, balsam and moss fragrances. It can be used for flower fragrance to obtain new spices.