Methyl Eugenol
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Methyl Eugenol

Product Name: Methyl eugenol
CAS NO.: 93-15-2
Molecular formula: C11H14O2
Molecular weight: 178.22766
EINECS NO.: 202-223-0
Melting point: -4 ℃
Boiling point: 254 to 255 °C
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Density: 1.036 g/cm³
Appearance: light yellow liquid
Storage condition:2-8°C

Methyl eugenol product description

Methyleugenol, also known as 1,2-dimethoxy-4-allylbenzene, is an organic compound with the chemical formula of C11H14O2. It is mainly used to prepare ylang, carnation, lilac and other essence, as well as a modifier of eugenol and isoeugenol, and also can be used as a sexual attractant of the citrus fly.

It is a colorless to light yellow liquid at normal temperature, with low volatility and relatively weak and lasting eugenol aroma. It is insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and oil. Harmful if swallowed. It can irritate eyes, respiratory system and skin. It has obvious central inhibitory effect. It can produce anesthetic effect on many animals. A few reports have carcinogenic consequences. It is flammable and releases irritating gases.

Methyl eugenol function and application

1. It can be used as a preparation of clove aroma to produce a mild clove aroma in the flower type, herb type or Oriental type.

2. A small amount is used in rose, carnation, Ylang Ylang, lilac, gardenia, hyacinth, brandy, acacia, tuberose, basil, lavender, laurel rum, male Cologne, etc.

3. It can also be used for edible essence, mainly as a regulator of spicy spices, providing ginger flavor, etc. It can also be used for tobacco essence.

Methyl eugenol production method

It is methylated from eugenol.