Mugwort Massage Oil
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Mugwort Massage Oil

Product details: Mugwort oil , 100% pure, natural
CAS NO.: 8008-93-3
Aroma: Minty,warmly
Botanical name: Artemisia Vulgaris
Country of origin: Yunnan,China
Method of extraction: Steam distillation
Part of the plant used: Leaves
Crop season: Apr.- May.
The main constituents: α-Thujone, β-Thujone,cineole

Mugwort Massage Oil description

Mugwort, also known as wormwood, Compositae, perennial herbs, is widely distributed throughout the country. Except in arid and alpine regions, it is wild from Heilongjiang to Hainan Island. Mugwort whole plant has aromatic smell, Chinese medicine uses leaves as medicine to treat a variety of diseases. Mugwort oil extracted from stems and its leaves is mainly used in industrial and modern pharmaceutical applications. The commercial mugwort oil is a green light yellow liquid with a cool and refreshing smell, and its composition is slightly different due to different places of origin. Mugwort oil is mainly composed of basilene, camphene, Terpinene, Eucalyptus brain, yabaitong, camphor, terpineol, etc.

Mugwort Massage Oil function and application

1. Mugwort oil can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, enhance the metabolism of aging cells, strengthen the regeneration of new cells, fade stains, reduce wrinkles, make the skin ruddy and delay aging.

2. Mugwort oil can be used in the eyes, which can improve bags under the eyes, dark circles, ptosis, wrinkles, delay the relaxation and aging of the eyes, and restore the luster of the eyes.

3. Mugwort oil can be used for the body, improving body immunity and relieving dysmenorrhea.