Mung Bean Peptide Powder
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Mung Bean Peptide Powder

Product name: mung bean oligopeptide
Used part: mung bean
Specification: 98%
Appearance: off white powder
Storage: cool, dry, away from light and high temperature
Shelf life:24 months

Mung bean extract product description

Mung bean, also known as green adzuki bean and planting bean, is one of the traditional bean foods of the Chinese people. Mung beans have high nutritional value. Mung bean peptide is made from mung bean through a series of processes. Mung bean peptide is light yellow powder, easy to digest and absorb, high solubility and thermal stability, balanced proportion of amino acids and high nutritional value.

Mung bean powder function and application

1. Mung bean peptide powder can be added to various foods as an effective ingredient of food.

2. It can be used as health food, and also suitable for oral liquid, tablet, powder, capsule and other dosage forms.

3. It can inhibit a variety of microorganisms and is also a good antidote.  

4. Mung bean peptide powder can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.