Natrii Tauroglycocholas
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Natrii Tauroglycocholas

Product name: Natrii Tauroglycocholas
Alias:sodium cholate
Aroma: it smells like fresh bile, bitter and sweet
Appearance: brownish yellow powder
Molecular formula: C26H46NNaO8S
Molecular weight: 555.70011
CAS No.: 345909-26-4
Storage condition: room temp

Natrii Tauroglycocholas description

Sodium taurocholate, also known as bile salt, sodium cholate, is a bile salt mixture extracted from bovine or pig bile, containing cholic acid, taurine, glycine and other components. Sodium taurocholate can stimulate liver cells to secrete bile, increase its solid components, and promote the absorption of fat emulsification and fat soluble vitamins.

Natrii Tauroglycocholas function and application

1. Natrii tauroglycocholas can be used in the food industry, such as dairy food, meat food, flour food and seasoning food.

2. Natrii tauroglycocholas can be used in the cosmetics industry to make facial cleanser, makeup water, shampoo, facial mask, etc.

3. Natrii tauroglycocholas can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, health food, fillers, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.