Natural Allyl Heptanoate Extract
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Natural Allyl Heptanoate Extract

Product Name: Natural allyl heptanoate
Alias: Allyl enanthate; Allyl heptoate; Allyl heptylate
CAS NO.: 142-19-8
Molecular formula: C10H18O2
Molecular weight: 170.25
Appearance: colourless liquid.
Storage condition:under inert gas (nitrogen or Argon) at 2-8°C

Natural Allyl Heptanoate Extract description

Allyl heptanoate is a colorless transparent liquid with a pineapple odor. It is obtained by esterification of heptanoic acid and allyl alcohol under the catalysis of sulfuric acid, and the finished product is obtained by neutralization, water washing and rectification.

Natural allyl heptanoate extract function and application

It is used to prepare daily chemical essence and edible essence.