Natural Biotin Powder
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Natural Biotin Powder

Product name: Natural Biotin Powder
Synonyms: Vitamin H; D-Biotin; Biotin; Vitamin B7; Hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazole-4-pentanoic acid
CAS No.:58-85-5
Molecular Formula: C10H16N2O3S
Molecular Weight: 244.3032
Melting point: 232-233C

Natural biotin powder description

Biotin, also known as vitamin H and coenzyme R, is a water-soluble vitamin and also belongs to vitamin B group, B7. It is essential for the synthesis of vitamin C and essential for the normal metabolism of fat and protein. It is a necessary nutrient to maintain the natural growth and development of human body and normal human function and health.

Organic biotin powder performance and function

1. Enhance the body's immune response and resistance

Biotin can enhance the body's immune response and infection resistance, stabilize the lysosome membrane of normal tissues, maintain the body's humoral and cellular immunity, and affect the secretion of a series of cytokines. Large doses can promote thymus hyperplasia, just as the combination of immunopotentiators can enhance immunity.

2. Maintain normal growth and development

In the absence of biotin, reproductive function declines, bone growth is poor, and the growth and development of embryos and young children are hindered.

It is used to treat arteriosclerosis, stroke, lipid metabolism disorder, hypertension, coronary heart disease and blood circulation disorders.

Pure biotin powder food source

Biotin is contained in milk, cow liver, egg yolk, animal kidney, strawberry, grapefruit, grape and other fruits, lean meat, brown rice, beer and wheat. Vitamin H is usually contained in multivitamin B and multivitamin preparations.

Natural biotin powder main applications

Biotin, known as vitamin H, enables the body to convert food into its own energy. Biotin is beneficial to the health and regeneration of cells. Diabetes patients can improve the regulation of blood sugar through biotin. Biotin is also needed for the health of hair and nails.

1. Health purpose

Diabetes. Supplement biotin, which helps improve the regulation of blood sugar by improving the use of insulin and blood sugar.

Hair and nails. Biotin supplementation can repair weak and cracked toenails and fingernails, and improve the health of hair. Biotin can also repair the premature gray hair caused by the low level of biotin.

Skin problems; Some skin diseases, such as milk scab, can be improved by adding biotin.

Muscular dystrophy; Biotin can be used as part of the treatment of some muscular-related diseases.

Infectious Diseases; Biotin can be used to treat intestinal candidiasis (an infection of yeast).

2. Beauty purpose

At the same time, Japanese scholars also reported that biotin has excellent cosmetic effects, which can keep skin white and nails smooth. This discovery also opens up a new pharmaceutical use for biotin products. The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the major international industries. The total sales of beauty and cosmetics in the international market is far higher than the sales of drugs. The new application of biotin in skin, nail (nail) and hairdressing will inevitably lead to the increase of the sales of pharmaceutical grade biotin.

Vitamin H is used as a nutritional supplement. According to Chinese GB2760-90, it can be used in food industry as a processing aid. It has the physiological functions of preventing skin diseases and promoting lipid metabolism. A large amount of raw protein can lead to biotin deficiency.

As a drug, it is used to treat arteriosclerosis, stroke, dyslipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and disorders of blood circulation.

3. Scientific research purposes

Biotin can be used as a marker for nucleic acid probes. It can combine with UTP or C at the 5 'position of dUTP of nucleic acid molecules, and can be detected by combining with avidin. In the process of detection, biotin is only used as a fixed connection instead of signal detection.