Natural Clove Oil
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Natural Clove Oil

Product Name: Clove Oil
Alias:Clove leaf oil
CAS NO.:8015-97-2
Appearance:Yellow to light brown liquid
Storage condition: Sealed storage

Pure clove oil description

The appearance is light yellow volatile essential oil, with eugenol and furfural aroma. It is dark purple brown when encountering iron. It has bactericidal effect.

It is soluble in benzyl benzoate, diethyl phthalate and propylene glycol. It is slightly milky white in most non-volatile oils and almost insoluble in mineral oil and glycerol. Slightly soluble in water.

Organic clove oil main components

The clove leaf oil is mainly composed of eugenol, acetyleugenol and caryophyll.

Natural clove oil extraction process

Clove leaf oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves of clove, a plant of the Peach Blossom family.

Clove essential oil function and application

Clove oil is used for the preparation of flower flavor essence, and it is commonly used in cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash and essence, and it can also be used as edible spice.

Introduction to cloves

Clove is the flower bud of Eugenia caryophyll-lata Thunb., an evergreen arbor of myrtle family. It has the functions of reducing adverse effects in the middle of temperature, tonifying the kidney and helping the yang. It is one of the scarce drugs that need to be imported and supplied. In addition to being used as medicine, clove oil is also often used as a spice for food and cosmetics. There is a large market demand for clove oil. Some researchers have conducted a comparative study on the chemical components of clove oil and clove leaf oil. The results show that the chemical components of the two are similar, but the content of each component is slightly different. The content of clove leaf oil is lower than that of clove oil, but clove leaf can be harvested all year round, and the source is easier to obtain than the bud. Pharmacological tests have proved that clove leaf oil is still of certain medicinal value when used in food and cosmetics instead of clove oil.