Natural Tomato Powder
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Natural Tomato Powder

Product Name:Natural Tomato Powder

Natural Tomato Powder Introduction

Tomato, also known as wolf peach, originated in Peru and was introduced into China in the Ming Dynasty. Its fruit is red, bright, sweet, sour, delicious and nutritious. It is one of the indispensable vegetables on the people's table. Tomatoes contain 17 kinds of minerals, vitamins, carotene, protein and other nutrients. Regular consumption has the effect of health care. It can help digestion and stomach building, promote fluid production and thirst quenching, clear heat and detoxification, and prevent vascular aging. Flavonoids can also prevent pancreatic cancer cancer, cervical cancer, and bladder cancer cancer. However, the water content in tomatoes is as high as 95%, which is easy to breed microorganisms, leading to decay and deterioration, so the storage time is short. In order to solve this problem, processing tomatoes into tomato powder is one of the effective methods, which can not only retain the nutrients in tomatoes, but also reduce the cost of packaging and transportation, and increase the storage time. The production of tomato powder can help regulate the supply of tomatoes in the off-season and peak season, as well as adjust regional differences, so that tomatoes can create greater economic value in the food industry.

Natural Tomato Powder Medicinal efficacy

The investigation shows that tomato has the functions of promoting fluid and thirst, strengthening stomach and digestion, clearing heat and relieving summer heat, tonifying kidney and diuresis, significant hemostasis, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and has special effects on hemophilia and leprosy. However, tomato contains a lot of water, which is easy to corrupt and has a short shelf life, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. To solve this problem, tomato deep processing is particularly important.

Tomato powder is the original sauce made from Xinjiang field tomatoes, which is made into natural tomato powder after spray drying. Tomato powder can be rehydrated and processed into tomato paste, tomato juice, tomato sauce and tomato soup of different concentrations. Tomato powder can also be directly used as an ingredient for convenience food, leisure food, soup, sauce and other premixes. In addition, tomato powder can also be used as a substitute for tomatoes in some special markets, such as geological exploration, military camping training, border defense posts such as islands and snow mountains, Nordic winter ski tourism War, aerospace food, etc.