Notoginseng Extract Notoginsenoside
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Notoginseng Extract Notoginsenoside

Product name: notoginsenoside
CAS NO.: 80418-24-2
Molecular formula: C47H80O18
Molecular weight: 933.1273
Specification: 10%
Appearance: brown powder
Shelf life: 24 months

Notoginseng Extract Notoginsenoside description

Notoginsenoside is an extract, which itself has a relatively good effect on the treatment of related diseases. The efficacy of notoginsenoside is mainly to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dredge the pulse and activate the collaterals. Therefore, it has a better therapeutic effect on preventing and improving brain edema caused by global ischemia or focal ischemia.

Notoginseng Extract Notoginsenoside function and application

1. Notoginsenoside can promote the formation of nerve fibers and maintain their functions, prevent sexual dysfunction, inhibit the central nervous system, promote the synthesis of serum protein, promote the synthesis and decomposition of cholesterol, inhibit the decomposition of neutral fat, anti hemolysis, etc.

2. Notoginsenoside can be used for many immunocompromised people, such as hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, cerebral ischemia, cerebral hemorrhage, traumatic injury, Alzheimer's disease, postoperative physical weakness and so on.