Nutmeg Essential Oil
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Nutmeg Essential Oil

Product Name: NutMeg oil
Alias:Mace oil
CAS NO.: 8007-12-3
Molecular formula: C8H7CIO
Molecular weight: 154.59358
Appearance:Colorless to pale-yellow liquid


Nutmeg Essential Oil description

It is a colorless to yellowish liquid with a strong nutmeg odor. It is obtained from the dried kernel of the mature fruit of Myristica nutmeg, an evergreen tree of the Myristica family, after the oil is pressed and distilled by steam. The yield was 6% ~ 16%.

Nutmeg Essential Oil function and application

As an important edible spice, it is used to prepare essence and add flavor to food, tobacco, beverages and cans; A small amount can also be used to prepare daily essence.