Okra Powder
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Okra Powder

Product name: Okra powder
Latin name: Abelmoschus esculentus (Linn.) Moench
Specification: 10:1, 20:1
Appearance: brownish yellow fine powder
Test method: TLC
Storage: the product should be sealed, shaded, protected from high temperature, and stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated place.
Shelf life:Two years

Dried okra powder product description

Okra is rich in protein, free amino acids, VC, VA, VE and mineral elements such as phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and manganese. Okra powder is prepared from okra, which has the properties of okra and can be used in the pharmaceutical field as well as in the food industry.

Okra extract function and application

1. Okra powder can enhance p.hysical endurance, resist fatigue and improve kidney deficiency.

2. Okra powder has the effect of nourishing and protecting the stomach. It can effectively help digestion, treat gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, effectively protect the skin and gastrointestinal mucosa and prevent constipation.

3. Okra powder belongs to low-fat and low sugar food, which can be used as weight loss food. It is rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium, which can effectively enhance the ability of human body to fight cancer and prevent cancer, and can also effectively reduce the content of cholesterol in the body.