Oleuropein Extract
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Oleuropein Extract

Product Name:Oleuropein Extract 
CAS NO.:32619-42-4
Molecular formula:C25H32O13
Molecular weight:540.52
EINECS NO.:251-129-6
Color: Light Beige to Dark Brown
Storage condition:Inert atmosphere,2-8°C

Natural plant extracts

Olivuropicroside is a natural plant extract, which mainly comes from olive leaves. Olive tree is an evergreen tree of Oleaceae Olea. It is a world-famous woody oil plant and fruit tree species. The cultivated variety has high edible value, rich in high-quality edible vegetable oil olive oil, and it is a famous subtropical fruit tree and important economic tree. Olive is broad-leaved, single leaf opposite, white upper flower, 4-lobed corolla, 2 male and female, ovary 2-locular, 2 ovules per locule, drupe oily, oval. There are as many as 500 varieties of olive, about 140 of which are widely cultivated. China is the hometown of olive, and also the country with the most olive cultivation in the world.

Oleuropein olive leaf extract extraction method

At present, the commonly used extraction methods of oleuropein include extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction, microwave assisted extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction, dispersion liquid microextraction, superheated liquid extraction, low temperature and reduced pressure boiling distillation, etc.

Oleuropein olive leaf extract pharmacological action

The pharmacological effects of oleuropicroside mainly include lowering blood pressure, anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects.