Omega 3 Powder Bulk
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Omega 3 Powder Bulk

Product name: Omega 3 powder bulk
Used Part: Fish oil
Active Ingredient: ALA、EPA、DHA
Specification: 40%-98%
Appearance:White Powder

Algae powder omega 3 product description

Omega-3 is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is very beneficial to human health. Omega-3 is mainly found in deep-sea fish oil, krill oil and seaweed oil, and deep-sea fish oil is the main source of omega-3 epa/dha (80%). Although omega-3 is essential nutrient for human beings, it cannot be synthesized by human body and must be obtained from these foods rich in omega-3.

Bulk powders omega 3 function and application

1. Omega 3 can promote cardiovascular health, relieve joint pain and fatigue, eliminate migraine and reduce blood sugar.

2. Omega 3 can accelerate the conversion of fat into energy, reduce the body fat rate, promote metabolism, and have a certain weight loss effect.

3. Omega 3 can effectively stabilize heart health and enhance human immunity.